Love Wallpapers

Having love wallpapers on your computer can really brighten up your day. There are many images to do with love that are guaranteed to make you smile. So many people are familiar with the heart and the bow and arrow as symbols of love towards one another that having these as your background can remind you of that special someone, any time of day. Love wallpapers for your desktop can also sport a loving message or quotation as well as loving images. These words can have powerful meanings or just simply say 'I love you' but one thing is for sure, each message will leave you feeling warm and happy inside. Hearts are a very versatile image, as many people will like to have these as their wallpaper without it being especially about love. They can be used as general images creating a fresh and funky picture.

The cupid with its bow and arrow is a typical type of love backgrounds, although you can now find the design in a range of different forms, such as cartoon or fine art. You can even find some love quotations and pictures with a touch of humour about them. Bashful cartoon teddy bears or a comic strip style wallpapers with a romantic but silly ending can make you laugh. Bringing such humour to a love story is a refreshing alternative to old fashioned pictures of love. Even jokes about love can be appealing to some, wanting a more comedy feel to their love backgrounds.

Valentine's Day is a time when many users of computers will change their desktop backgrounds. Love backgrounds will become most popular around this time as people tend to feel happy and loving and like to think about their loved ones. The different styles of wallpaper you can choose from include cute and cuddly animal pictures, exotic and colourful designs, scenes of natural beauty and well known poems and quotes from over the years.

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